How To Start Your Own Online Business

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Step #1- Realize that you are crazy!
No Just Kidding, E-Commerce can be very lucrative in today's market. We all carry miniature personal computers around with us that we depend on more and more on a daily basis. These small personal communication devices have allowed us to communicate on a planetary scale that's unheard of ever in history, I mean besides King Davids flying carpet but that muthafucka was on some next level shit! So with all of these super effective communication methods now readily available why not create a product and SELL IT TO THE WORLD!
So in today's day and age all you have to do is design the product you want to make. You can draw it, you can font it, hell you can use public domain works as long as there's no licensing required, you can also get licensing. Point Blank you have to create it... 
Next Step logically would be to make the item, but we all dont have the know how or the time or the money for the equipment so this is where we give up. This is where I can help you out. 
Even though I started out making my own t-shirts, which was and still is fun, I found that I was spending all day and night making t-shirts. That's when I began looking for a way out of the madness. I found this awesome company called "Printful" 
Printful integrates with many online platforms to easy handle your sales process. I have linked Printful with my Shopify Store (www100PercentHoodbiz) my Etsy Store and my eBay Store. 
All I have to do is design the image, I use photoshop, illustrator, and a few apps for making quick fonts. Then I upload my designs to printful and their available for design that fast. With Printful I have personally used them for T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Leggings, Dresses, Swimsuits, baby clothing, kids clothing, sweatshirts, and I know I'm forgetting what else? 
I upload the image I created and from there I decide placement on the final product. If you use Printfuls Templates in Photoshop your images will line up perfectly. 
Once design is complete Printful will automatically integrate that product into your chosen online store. You can even host the items directly on your own website. Best part is when there is an order Printful will automatically fulfill this order and send the purchased product directly to your customer. They will even use your own custom packaging and you can send them inserts, like stickers and buttons and shit to include in the package.

So I highly recommend Printful for on-demand print services. You can follow the link below to check out Printful for yourself, I promise you will love what you see there


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