Howard University Shoot Around Jacket

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Howard University collage

A collage of photographs and images relating to Howard University’s basketball team of the 1910s.

Location: Washington, D.C.
“The Blue and White”
College Blue, Ivory
Managers: Edwin Henderson, J.H. Brown


Howard University’s first varsity basketball team was formed by Edwin Henderson after his Twelfth Street Colored Y.M.C.A. squad won the Colored Basketball World’s Championship in 1910.

Howard University logo

The original logo of Howard University’s varsity basketball team, 1910.

Henderson organized the team using nearly the entire lineup of his “12 Streeters” team. Most of the former Y.M.C.A. players were already students at the prestigious black college.


The new Howard team was even better than the 1909-10 Washington 12 Streeter team and easily won the 1910-11 black national championship title.

Managed by Henderson and J. H. Brown, Howard’s lineup included captain Henry Nixon, former Amherst Walter Camp All-American football halfback Edward B. Gray, star center Charles Gilmore, brothers Maurice and Arthur Curtis, and former Jersey City and Smart Set star Hudson “Huddy” Oliver.

They were considered invincible.

Both Gray and Oliver attended Howard University’s medical school while playing varsity basketball, and later became respected physicians.


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